PyroLat offers a recycling method that has been around for decades - pyrolysis - which has the potential to generate energy by recycling waste. After further research, we modified the technological parameters to obtain a new form of eco-innovation. 

       We can promote the efficient and economically attractive recycling of the environmentally hazardous municipal waste in Latvia, thus creating additional added value, which would be the gradual development and implementation of an innovative waste management system to ensure a regulated flow of waste from consumers to operators and recyclers. 

     We can ensure industrial operations comply with EU directives and Latvian waste management and recycling requirements. Using the energy resources generated by waste recycling activities to mitigate the energy crisis and promote the circular economy. 

        PyroLat's business activity is the recycling of environmentally hazardous waste (used tires, plastics, rubber, etc.). The method used for the processing of environmentally hazardous and biodegradable waste is thermochemical processing - pyrolysis. The recycling cycle of these wastes results in 3 energy resources: 

Uzzini vairāk par mūsu produktiem

Black Carbon

Synthetic gas

Pyrolysis oil