PyroLat is a renewable energy project development company whose competitive advantage lies in its modern and economically green energy production and processing technology.

PyroLat's mission is to provide environmentally friendly solutions for energy production from waste, reducing dependence on traditional fossil fuels. We care about nature by reducing carbon emissions in the production process.

Pyrolysis process

The pyrolysis process involves the thermal treatment of organic or inorganic material in an oxygen-free or inert environment. The temperature in the pyrolysis process can range from 400-800℃, depending on the desired proportions of the end products.

Lower temperatures typically yields more pyrolysis oil and black carbon, while higher temperatures yield more synthetic gas. Therefore, the pyrolysis process can be characterized as highly flexible, as the parameters and conditions of the process can be easily modified to achieve the desired proportions of end products.

Due to global warming and climate change, the world is striving to create sustainable energy. Investments in such projects could be profitable and yield significant returns.

Join us on the path towards a sustainable, green energy future with PyroLat.